Some time ago Eat Buford Highway announced a get together and I very rapidly said I would attend and posted my intentions on my blog. And since I was the only one to post on BuHi’s announcement, I worried afterwards that somehow I had jinxed the whole affair. As far as I can tell, I’m the only diabetic actively blogging restaurants. Other diabetics simply don’t engage in the kind of behavior I do. If they’re foodies, they talk about cooking. If they’re not foodies, they eat at home, or if they go out, they don’t talk about it. I’m not quite sure how much being a diabetic upsets others. It’s taken months to get as comfortable with it as I am now, and I’m still not 100% comfortable with it myself. What about others?

I took time off early from work to prep for all this, and arrived early to the site. I was going to head into Books Japan, browse, and then show around 7:30 but the man of the hour got out of his car and headed into Shoya Izakaya. I wasn’t interested in being fashionably late if I didn’t need to be and headed in as well. And rather amazingly, a couple minutes later, Kate of A Life Fulfilled showed up and joined us. There was a big sigh of relief as suddenly it was a group of 3.

I believe Beth Robinette showed next. And pretty soon Antonio (I didn’t get the last name) showed, apparently a well known Tweeter. BuHi was surprised when Antonio ended up being Asian. Two others showed, a man I recall from the previous meeting, and a young lady, a self described “lurker” on BuHi’s page. It was, all told, an affable group and a lot of fun.

There was a lot of gossip and some self explanation, and jokes that writers would get. Mostly though, conversations revolved around food.

Kushiyaki assortment

Salmon sashimi. One piece gone in this photo.

Chicken skin kushiyaki

It was so convivial I was forgetting to take pictures.

And yes, if I worked hard enough I could recall all of what I ate, but for now, my food journal reads “Shoya Izakaya” and in the exchanges/calories section of the log, I put a ‘?’.

A lot of food was being shared. I was given a bite of ankimo, and it wasn’t as good as I recalled previously. I was also offered a bit of a chicken skin kushiyaki. I think Antonio got almost everyone to try this. That wasn’t bad. A bit like fried pork skin, it was a bit chewier than the Southern treat. But mostly what was being served here today was good will and conversation. And yes, for someone in my particular condition, very very reassuring to have gone through this.

To note, Shoya is very diabetic friendly. Lots of meats, easy to find vegetables, plenty of fats. Since fats in particular hold a kind of reverence in the diabetic diet reserved normally for sweets in a normal diet, the abundance of things like pork belly and sausage make this a place where a type 1 or type 2 can safely indulge. I felt good afterwards too, as if I had eaten more than a regular meal, yet really hadn’t broken my diet.

I’m sure that this crew will be looking forward to BuHi’s third. If the pattern holds, it will be in about six more months.