Pollo Real may appear on the surface to be more Taco Bell than taqueria, but the product they deliver to your plate is the real deal. Tacos have 2 soft, fresh, steamed corn tortillas. Tacos not only come in the basics, you also can get lengua tacos. I ordered a set of three lengua tacos recently.

The tacos came with a red and green salsa. I made my waitress smile when I said I wanted lots of both of them. They were good and they were cheap. It’s about 2 dollars per when they serve 3 for 5.99, and yes, you can go around the corner and get tacos for 99 cents at Taqueria 2 de Oros, but Real’s location in the Assi Plaza makes it easy to eat and shop.

Verdict: Looks like generic mall Mex, tastes much better than it looks. Highly Recommended.

Pollo Real
1630 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite A-2
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 514-2196

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