Ever since my daughter went on spring break, my readership has dropped perhaps 30% and I’ve seen lows I haven’t seen in many months. This wasn’t an issue a year ago when I would have been happy to have 25 regular readers, but I was pretty satisfied with my late March numbers. I suspect an extended spring break by the colleges is the reason, but that would mean 1/3 of my readership are college students. If so, that’s news to me. According to people like Quantcast, my readership was an older sort.

Weight loss continues. Compared to the last time I told people how much I’ve lost, I guess I’ve now lost between 25 and 26 pounds from the date I entered the hospital, 41-42 pounds from my peak in early 2009. It fluctuates regularly, up and down so it’s hard to get a grip on it. Other signs though are promising.

A month ago I couldn’t even close the next lower pair of pants around my waist. Now I can. They’re tight, too tight to be comfortably worn but they can be closed. Since I only have one pair in this size range, if I lose 5-10 more pounds, this may be the only wearable pair of pants in my closet. The spreadsheet I use, Weight Tracker ODS, says my weight loss through April is proceeding at 1.9 pounds a week.

I can see a sizable donation to Good Will coming later this spring.

BuHi, of Eat Buford Highway, is holding a blogger and blogger fan get together this upcoming Wednesday. Barring an emergency, I’m planning to go.

As far as blood sugars go, I’m seeing some numbers in the 80s and 70s (that’s mg/dL). Nothing hypoglycemic yet, but low. And it’s not easy to treat. I added a teaspoon of maple syrup to some bread when I was at 77 and working from home. An hour after the meal my blood sugars were at 140 and I was on the walker. Exercise isn’t the cure for everything; I still need to eat smart.

Knowing that exercise can reduce a peak has been a huge relief to me. My only readings over 170 post hospital, with only one exception, have come as reactions to stress. And I work in a 6 story building, so if things get stressed/nasty, I plan to walk stairs until I can’t anymore. Walking 5 flights of stairs can be pretty effective therapy.

Finally, if there has been an increasing emphasis on omega-6/omega-3 issues on this blog, let me note that my left foot, post surgery, is still a little swollen. If it’s true that omega-3 supplementation can reduce inflammation, then I have a new weapon against the lingering effects of my gout. And this is about as hard as eating a 3-4 ounce can of salmon 4-5 times a week.