In the search to satisfy itches that are hard to scratch, a lot of clever people have created various food products that are sweet or starchy but have a much slower uptake than, say, the infamous three whites (white flour, white rice, white sugar). One common trick is to substitute sugar alcohols for sugars in chocolates and other candies. These products tend to be called sugar free or sugarless, which is a bit deceptive. These products have calories just like any foodstuff, and those calories must be accounted for in a diet.

Another one of these products is Dreamfields pasta, which is processed in some special way to slow down its uptake. On diabetes forums, people will warn you not to overcook Dreamfields, because then it seems to lose its magic properties. And if you’re going to use it in a casserole, undercook it a bit in advance before mixing it with the rest of your ingredients.

Anyway, I was just handed a bite or three of their Southwest Pasta Salad recipe, and it certainly opened my eyes. Great stuff. My wife substituted red onions for the sweet ones in the recipe, and it still had a delightful flavor. I’m mentioning it because you don’t have to use Dreamfields to get this great tasting dish, but if you’re watching blood sugars, you surely can.