Gom Shabu Shabu is a small restaurant in a strip mall along Satellite Boulevard, just north of Pleasant Hill Road, and it was one of these restaurants I ended up stopping in while looking for another place. The sign intrigued me, as did the single smoker outside the door. The windows are silvered and the windows also have bright red Korean letters advertising the restaurant. I was a little frustrated and wanting something different. The idea of choosing my own foods intrigued me.

No camera though. I had left it at home. This will be the first review in a while where I had no camera. Blissful Glutton has reviewed this place, and her review has tons of photos. I do recommend it.

Once inside you’ll find that each diner has their own pot. There is no ‘show’ as with Japanese nabemono. Instead, you largely handle the foods yourself. There is a long table in the middle, a series of smaller tables for 4 on both sides, separated by cloth screens. Small steel pots punctuate the longish bar and tables. It’s cute, the single pot and the place is full of nicely lacquered wood. The furniture isn’t heavy, and in terms of weight, reminded me a bit of Myung Ga Won. Most of the clientele are totally familiar with this cuisine, so you can peek past the blinds if you need hints.

The routine: you order a main dish and perhaps some extras. I’d strongly recommend, in this place, adding some extra mushrooms, because their mushroom assortment adds a lot of flavor. I also purchased extra chinese cabbage and extra broccoli. I think the lunch shabu shabu ran about 10 dollars without the extras.

Once you’ve ordered, they add simmering chicken broth to your pot and then you can put stuff in the plate. Among the accompaniments were cabbage leaves, spinach, cellophane noodles, an egg, a hot dog, a longish chunk of fish cake (looked a lot like the dog), some seaweed, tofu, a thin slice of fried tofu, a small slice of pumpkin and some Asian yam. As the broth grows hotter, you add your foods into the pot, pull them out, dip them into a dipping sauce and eat them. The sauce is good. I asked for more about half way through my meal.

There is very few little bulk with this kind of meal. There are a lot of vegetables and a few ounces of thinly sliced meat. If you’re after Outback sized servings you’re not going to get it here. But you will have total control over a meal that can be made as light in carbohydrates as you like.

When I asked afterwards about the place, the receptionist/manager said it had Chinese and Korean influences. I can believe that. Compared to Mini Hot Pot 2, which is a similar restaurant, side dishes here aren’t as specific. In Mini 2, you can get enoki mushrooms and only enoki mushrooms. On Gom, you have mushrooms (small) and mushrooms (large), an assortment. So just my opinion, but Gom might be better for a hot pot beginner.

Service was good. The restaurant had a family feel to it, because staff were of all ages.

Verdict: Nice place to have Korean style shabu shabu or hot pot. Highly Recommended.

Gom Shabu Shabu
3502 Staellite Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 495-9088

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