It has been raining all week, and although my peppers have not sprouted any new leaves yet, the buds on the stems are more pronounced and they look healthier overall. I’m hoping the rain lets up and we get some sunlight in a bit. Lots of rain, however, can’t hurt plants that have been inside and watered perhaps once a week.

Doing a search for bike trails near Snellville, I found a spot called the Arabia Mountain Trail. It’s rated “easiest” by the Single Tracks site, but that’s exactly what we need to begin. I don’t need to be challenged right from the start, I need something the whole family can do. That it has a starting point in or near Stonecrest Mall can’t hurt either.

I had a  large work related party this past Friday. The party was held at a Taco Mac in the Dunwoody area. I have photos and a review, but not today. Soon. I also managed to sneak into Perseopolis for a 3pm meal. That went over nicely and I’m hoping to write about it pretty soon as well.

I met a dietician last Wednesday. She was pleased with the progress so far and made a few simple suggestions. She said I shouldn’t eat a whole serving of chocolate at once; that 1/2 a serving would be more appropriate. In this context we’re speaking of the common 70% cocoa chocolate bars. A serving of one of these usually runs about 200-240 calories, maybe 15 to 18 grams of fat and between 15 and 20 grams of carbs. She also suggested eating most of my fats of the day in the earlier meals, rather than loading on fats at the end. She was of the opinion that eating to meet a calorie goal shouldn’t be pushed. Eating a balanced meal with a few less calories isn’t so bad an idea.

I haven’t been able to implement all these suggestions completely, but when I have, it’s lowered my blood sugars a good 10 points, both at night and in the morning.

When I left the hospital, I was told that if I could even lose 5% of my weight, I’d be much better off. Let’s just say I’ve had my first weighing at home that’s at the 5% mark. I’ll probably weigh higher at times for the next couple weeks but here’s hoping the trend continues downward.