YoriJori Burger, Fusion Burger House, has been the beneficiary of love from both Chow Down Atlanta and various mainstream critics (Access Atlanta, being the critical tar pit that it is, is not coughing up reviews I know exist). While there was a lot of love applied to their spiral french fries, that’s exactly the kind of over the top excess I can’t indulge in these days. The bulgogi burger is a different story, however, and so I came one day, at noon, to fry this famed fusion burger.

The burger looks like, well, a burger. Nice bun, gray meat, lettuce and mayo. I would have preferred mustard I guess, but I wasn’t feeling terribly picky. Was there a taste difference? How much fat was in the meat? There are no ADA guides for bulgogi burgers, nothing that says it’s lean meat or very fatty meat. Is it more akin to lean chicken breast and tofu, or does it weigh in on the hot dog and peanut butter part of the aisle? The answer is, I don’t know and can’t tell, given just the appearance. In my food journal, I noted the confusion and calculated it as 5-7 ounces of lean meat.

Biting into the meat, getting to the grayness, I noticed a flavor explosion. Yes, a lot of flavor, particularly in the first moment of tongue-meat contact. But it didn’t seem to last. Perhaps taste buds adjust, or the more familiar flavors of the bun, the lettuce, and the mayo kick in and your mind processes the experience as “burger-like”. Whereas the first bite was a “WOW”, the last was, “that was good, but not mind blowing”.

Still, if you’re even moderately adventurous with your food, this was an interesting way to spend 6 dollars.  That someone came up with this speaks to the originality, industry, and spunk of the Korean American community in Atlanta. Try it sometime. Make up your own mind.

Verdict: One of the most original eateries in the Atlanta area. Recommended.

YoriJori Burger, Fusion Burger House
1630 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 638-0822

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