I’ve spoken of Uncle Julio’s before (also here), in a more formal sit down mode. This is more a report of both the restaurant and the bash, and as we were served buffet style, it doesn’t represent what Uncle Julio’s can bring to a diner’s table. It does say something about how the eatery can handle an event.

The Texas Independence Day Social is an alumni event that pools the graduates of all the Texas schools in the Atlanta area. It’s often heavily attended by UT and Rice alumni, and schools like SMU, TCU, Texas State, Houston were there. I didn’t see any Aggies but I can get my A&M fix from my father. To be plain, I was focused on my own school, largely. The Rice alumni, being a clever lot, managed to score a set of tables right by the buffet line.

This Uncle Julio’s is a lot more spread out than the one on Peachtree Dunwoody. The Sandy Spring location is largely vertical. This one sprawls like a ranch style building.

By the time I made it, the buffet line was pretty long and when we got to the fajitas, all the beef was gone. They were stocking up on chicken. The chicken they supplied was moist and grilled at the same time, and delicious. The roasted Jalapenos and roasted vegetables in general were very good. Service, given the crowd and the noise, was actually quite decent.  Waitstaff made routine stops to fill drink orders and top drinks off.

Most people seemed to enjoy the meeting. Just the chance to air your stories in a sympathetic crowd made for a superb afternoon.

Verdict: Not only capable of sit down, Uncle Julio’s can handle a bunch of cowboys with ease. Highly Recommended.

Uncle Julio’s
1860 Peachtree Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 350-6767

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