Circle Sushi is a restaurant on Roswell Road, found in the same strip mall as Alladdin’s Mediterranean Grill and Deli. That means to get there, it’s easiest to head north up 400. get off the highway at exit 6. Head west (left), and then head north (right) at the intersection of Roswell Road. Pass the Three Dollar Cafe. Go about a block, down a dip and up. On the right there is a Publix. Enter that shopping area. Head to the Publix and then turn left. There will be a separate strip mall a bit to the left of Publix that has both Alladdin’s and Circle Sushi. You’ll see the Alladdin’s sign before you ever see Circle Sushi. The only thing that marks Circle Sushi is the graceful graphic near the door of the restaurant. There are no overhead signs.

Inside, it’s modern in character and very good looking. People eating there were largely in business shirts and women in nice clothes and coats. There were a few people dressed for comfort, but they are in a minority. Again, it’s a different ambience from Alladdin’s which is kind of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and techie. This place has more salesmen and business types. To note, Jimmy of Eat It Atlanta has spoken highly of this restaurant, and that’s one major reason I came here for lunch on my birthday.

Though self described as a fusion restaurant, what I saw were Asian staff and a pretty orthodox menu. It seemed a little heavy on tempuras, but there were offerings other than sushi (yakisoba for example), offerings that were pretty standard in a “sushi style” Japanese restaurant. The staff was well versed with their menu. Once seated, I ordered kake udon, I ordered two pair of nigiri, and I tried to order a salad. I let the waitress talk me out of it and that was a mistake. I can’t get enough vegetables these days, the more the merrier. That said, the kake udon came with a small salad, which was almost drenched in dressing. Decent salad, but I’d have preferred more greens and less dressing.

The kake udon was spare, and nearly perfect. Bits of scallion and spinach floated in the broth, along with fish cakes. I’d estimate the udon had a cup to a cup and a half of noodles. They were the thick kind, the ones my wife prefers. I was pretty happy sucking them down.

If the site Sushi Faq is to be believed, then the average nigiri has 8g of carbs and half an ounce of fish (i.e. 2 nigiri = 1 carb exchange, 1 meat exchange). I didn’t know that at the time I ordered. Consequently, I ended up eating a bit more carbs than I thought I did. That said, the nigiri were pretty . The salmon roe was in pristine shape, a little salty and delicious. The sea bass was also a treat.

Service was good and fast. Though this place is a reach from my office, I didn’t feel rushed to get back to my office. It was a good lunch, gentle and easy to handle with my diet.

Verdict: Elegant, graceful and good. Very good service, Highly recommended.

Circle Sushi
8725 Roswell Rd
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
(770) 998-7880

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