I’m not much for self promotion, but I suspect it’s time to do so. According to Urbanspoon (about the only metric that I know of) I have more Atlanta reviews than all but two independent blogging sites, and those reviews have been accumulated in a little less than 11 months. In late February this site will be one year old.

This metric, of course, does not count newspapers, who more and more no longer have feature writers and instead have bloggers. And it includes Blissful Glutton, who makes her living by reviewing restaurants. It doesn’t include sites that aren’t “into” using Urbanspoon as an iPhone link, though that seems a little silly to me.

What’s more I am more often these days in Urbanspoons top 25 bloggers worldwide. Now that I believe is a bit of faint praise, but it’s real. I think it speaks more for the penetration of iPhones and blogging in general into the Atlanta market than it does how fantastic the site is, but once again, it gives people a sense of where this blog has been, and how much work has been done here to provide content to readers.

Some of this output has been by design. There is no way I can compete with a professional food writer, any professional, with long extended reviews, given my typical 50 hour week and long commute. The only way to distinguish myself in this crowded medium is to publish short and fast. Sometimes, the reviews will be awkward, because of the time scale on which I have to publish. Other times, I’ll be the only one publishing a review of a restaurant. I really like forgotten restaurants, those that the popular crowd has passed by. But in all I try for a mix, and in particular seeking out good, inexpensive, independent restaurants. Those are the most fun to find. Some of those, to note, will be extremely popular.

For those who have wondered about site readership, I’ll note that daily reading metrics have gotten quite volatile, and unpredictable. Often my best days are the day after I publish an article. But in general, on a monthly scale, this site has seen nothing but steady growth. And hopefully, that growth will continue into the near future.