The Fickle Pickle Cafe is found in a gray wood frame house on Canton Street, and as you’re traveling north on Canton Street it’s on the right. Like many other restaurants in along Canton, it’s easy to miss, and the parking is a little haphazard. There is overflow parking on the left hand side of the road, near the Founder’s Hall.

When you enter, you are greeted with a man sized green pickle, and the routine is, once you enter, to find the counter, make an order, are given a number, and then find yourself a seat. I’m pretty sure the Pickle staff is doing this because of the popularity of the eatery. They were scrambling for space when I arrived. And in the room I was finally seated, almost all the other customers were female.

Fried pickles came first. The order in the photograph is just a half order and is almost a meal in itself. They were quite good. Soon after the rest of my order arrived, the daily special, a pork loin sandwich, and a bowl of chicken tortilla soup.

The sandwich was warm, and the toasted ciabatta bread had a pleasing amount of crunch to it. The loin was sliced thin, and at times had a bit of a bacony air. The sandwich itself also had some cheese, melting as I ate, which added rich creamy flavor to the sandwich. The caramelized onions were genuinely brown and caramelized. Overall, I liked the sandwich quite a bit. The soup was good, but the “extras” in it: the chicken, the tortilla strips, the avocado, all seemed superfluous to the soup base. At the core it was a spicier tomato based soup, and was good in itself. The soup didn’t really need any of the other “stuff”.

Inside, in the area I was sitting, the color scheme was white and cream and the walls were covered everywhere with art for sale.

I enjoyed this restaurant. I enjoyed the food, the atmosphere. It was a bit like a traditional southern tea house during lunch. In the evenings they start offering entrées such as shrimp and grits and fried catfish.  And the grounds are nice, if you like green and trees, outdoor seating and a look from a time when Roswell was a separate town, instead of part of a vast metro area.

Verdict: Fine sandwich shop at lunch, offers Southern foods at dinner. Highly recommended.

Fickle Pickle
1085 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 650-9838

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