Posados Cafe is a chain that started in Tyler Texas, and has expanded into the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Austin, and across select spots in Louisiana. This East Texas/Louisiana favorite was an immediate hit with my father, and their original location in the Shreveport area, in Bossier City, is by far his favorite. The reason is simple: they make better tasting food at this location.

Going to Posados has become a Christmas tradition, a ritual really. And the one dish that powers all of this food lust is their quail. Posados also has a good tortilla soup, a good red salsa, and their chips are crisp, dry, and reliable. Other entrées are good, but not as clearly “five star” as the quail.

Quail is a dish served in the same style as fajitas in these kinds of Mexican eateries, and like fajitas they arrive at the eatery marinated, in bags I’m told. They are served on a hot plate. The Posados plate is wooden, with a comalesque circular iron liner on one side and a slot to hold a plate with toppings on the other side. Tortillas are usually served with the quail, in  keeping with the fajita tradition, but quail are so small and the bones so tiny that eating them as fajitas seems almost a waste of time.

Service here has been very good for us. Waitstaff dress in all black, are fast to tables and come back repeatedly.

Verdict: A family favorite. The quail is what you want when you come here. The highest of recommendations.

1703 Old Minden Road
Bossier City, LA 71111
(318) 747-6200

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