Johnny’s Pizza House is a chain headquartered in West Monroe, Louisiana and is unrelated to Johnny’s New York Style Pizza in Snellville and other Atlanta locations. First few times I went to Johnny’s in Atlanta, I was confusing the two chains. Perhaps I shouldn’t have. Both have good pizzas, but Johnny’s Pizza House is more into their premium “Sweep the Kitchen” pizza, whereas Johnny’s New York Style has good slices, good meatball subs, good options that don’t require 20 ingredients and a huge thick crust rectangular pizza.

It was the large rectangle that my mother loved so much, and when she was alive we ordered it plenty. No anchovies, but we’d get everything else, and at that time we were frequenting the Haughton location. This review, however, will concentrate on the Bossier City location near where my father lives presently.

The Bossier City location has some booths and longish tables. They also have a game room that’s half sealed off, requiring patrons to be an adult to enter. There is a television set or two, and islands that have toppings and lettuce for salads, but otherwise, the eatery is spare and the pizza they deliver is the star. The large rectangle pizza appears to be gone. They only have 10, 12, and 14 inch round pizzas at this location.

We ordered a 14 inch to go and it was a good looking pizza. Toppings are primo, but the crust suffered from the 15 minute drive back to my Dad’s place. I thought my first slice held up pretty well, but the crust was getting soft by my second slice. This is another pizza, I suspect, that would benefit with some 400 degree oven time on a cookie sheet if you’re taking it home.

Overall, I’d have difficulty judging this pizza on anything other than emotional terms. Eating it brings back fond memories of my mother, who thought eating at Johnny’s was a treat.

Johnny’s Pizza House
4100 Barksdale Boulevard Suite 121
Bossier City, LA 71112
(318) 752-1222

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Johnny’s Pizza House
1120 Highway 80
Haughton, LA 71037
(318) 949-9412

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