The Ranch House isn’t the best known barbecue restaurant in Glen Rose Texas, but the time we arrived in this small town it was one of the few still open. It’s a brown building on the side of Big Bend Trail (Highway 67) and has a huge sign to welcome you to the premises.

Inside there are plenty of picnic style tables, funny T-shirts and posters on the walls, longhorn and deer heads, and above the cash register are various paper currencies all taped to the roof.

The day we showed they had a $10 special, ribs with 2 sides. That sounded good and almost all of us got the special. Soda glasses were Texas sized. My daughter got chicken fingers, which were moist and tender and also plenty large.

Given the size of the ribs, they were almost certainly pork ribs. You could smell the smoke in the ribs before you could ever taste them. The smoked taste was there and the smoke ring easy enough to find. There was a smoke smell on our fingers an hour after we ate there. My brother said they were the best ribs he’s had in years. Then again, they don’t cook ’em in Shanghai like they do in Glen Rose.

In my opinion these were first class ribs, would be no matter where they were made. The beans were good and the cole slaw was okay, but ribs this good would be worth going back for.

Service was very good. I never felt neglected in this eatery.

Verdict: Great ribs, good sides. Highly recommended.

Ranch House Barbecue
1408 Big Bend Trail
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) 897-3441

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