Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant is a small restaurant chain in Lousiana with locations in Haughton and Minden. The Haughton location is on Highway 80, nearish to Brookshires but on the opposite side of the road. It’s not easy to see from the road, as it’s at the very end of a strip mall that’s perpendicular to the highway. The look of the eatery is nice but simple. The outside is pretty ordinary. The inside is interesting, with flat screens on the walls along with hand drawn murals. The tables have advertisements embedded into their surfaces.

When you arrive, Pepe’s is fast to the table with a huge basket of crisp, dry chips and an excellent red salsa. The salsa has a bright flavor, plenty of cilantro, and decent levels of chile based heat.

My extended family is familiar with the Haughton area because we lived there for many years. My father still has a house in Haughton. He learned of Pepe’s before we did, liked it, but his regular crowd didn’t care for Pepe’s.  So when my (nuclear) family comes back for the holidays, we often go here.

Entrées aren’t as outstanding as the chips and salsa but are still pretty good. I ordered the tacos al carbon. Though they looked more like little burritos than tacos, they were full of grilled meat and plenty good. My brother had the arroz con camarones, which was full of some really large shrimp. My brother liked his plate a great deal.

Service here is good. The various offerings, though centered on such traditional items as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, are relatively creative. Dishes like bisteck Mexico, enchiladas de mole, and pollo casique  show this restaurant isn’t the “same old same old.”

Verdict: Fine little Mexican eatery. Highly recommended.

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant
2040 Highway 80
Haughton, LA 71037
(318) 949-2599

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