Pearl Street Station is an eatery recommended by Tiberia of Barking Rocks, and as the owners were thoroughly familiar with my extended family, this isn’t the usual critique. The owners were present and actively suggested food, talked about their business and mentioned their preference for catering as opposed to managing a storefront.

The eatery is not far off the town square of Granbury, and carved out of an old Sinclair gas station. The remnants of the station are all over, and variations of the green dinosaur appear on Pearl’s hot sauce bottles, for example.

Suggested often were their sandwiches. The best were the smoked turkery sandwiches, of which there were only 4. I ended up getting a beef brisket sandwich, along with a bowl or two of Pearl Street’s gumbo.

Lighter and drinkable.

smoked turkey sandwich

Chicken gumbo is on the left; seafood gumbo is on the right.

The sandwiches were good. Because the brisket in the sandwiches was delivered with plenty of sauce, it was impossible to judge how smoked the brisket really was. My wife raved over the smoked turkey sandwich, and my brother said it was the kind of sandwich he’d come back for. Opinions of the gumbo were a little mixed. I thought the gumbo had a lot of good ingredients, started a little thin and finished well.

Throughout the meal various cousins and aunts were recognized, people dropped by, hugs and handshakes traded. Granbury is a small community and the people at my table were clearly the most recognized group in the store. The owner and his wife had a big catering job up coming and so apologized a number of times for prepping for the catering job, but I never felt we were ever ignored. In fact I’d say the warmth and character of the owners are one of the real plusses here. If regular customers get half of the care we did, then they would be very well cared for at Pearl Street Station.

Pearl Street Station, a Cajun and Bar-B-Q Eatery
120 West Pearl Street
Granbury, TX 76048
(817) 579-7233

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