It’s not often you go to visit relatives and find yourself in a winery. But as it turns out, one of my cousins married a man who has indeed set up a small winery in Granbury, Texas.  The name of the winery is Barking Rocks, and this isn’t any kind of critique, but has to be seen as a journey, driven by surprise and wonder.

Compared to the Atlanta area in which I live, this section of Texas is spare, dry, rocky and rather pretty. That said, you can grow grapes here, though Barking Rocks creates most of its wines from grapes they purchase.

The grounds are attractive enough that people have held several marriages here. Walls of the buildings are mostly made of the stone so common in these parts. Inside is a bit more homey, more comfy.

Later I managed to have a couple glasses of Barking Rocks wine. I liked what I had, but I am a biased judge of their product. The rest of you should try it and judge for yourself.

Barking Rocks Wine
1919 Allen Court
Granbury, Texas, 76048
(817) 579-0007