Wilkes Meats is a butcher shop with multiple locations, one in Snellville. It has been covered extensively by Snellville Eats (articles here, here, and here) and that has led me really to avoid talking about it in the past. But as we have recently reviewed Patton’s Meat Market, I thought I would touch base with this shop, to compare and contrast the various meat options, as I know them, in the city.

By far the least expensive meats come from Mexican butchers, such as La Jalisco Carniceria and the Lilburn International Farmer’s Market. On the other side of the price equation are supermarkets such as Kroger and Publix, and then also high end butchers such as Patton’s. Wilkes serves a niche that wants a better cut of meat than the supermarket at a reasonable price.

When I went, I didn’t have any trouble getting the attention of people behind the counter, nor did I see it lacking in civil conversation. They had good looking strip steaks, ribeyes, extra large sirloins and they also had marinated meats. They had a more extensive pork section than Patton’s. I bought a marinated filet mignon for the holidays and a pound of stew meat. The filet mignon, a thick cut of meat and wrapped in a thick slab of bacon, cost about 8 dollars. And when I cooked it for Christmas Eve, it was amazingly tender.

Issues? The smell of the butcher shop, as noted by Snellville Eats. The cheeses and sausages were stripped when I dropped by. The grade of meats wasn’t noted, though the shop claims their meats are all Angus beef. But none of these are deal breakers, and yes, I think Wilkes can be a perfectly reasonable option for good meats at fair prices.

Wilkes Meat Market
2304 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078-3151
(770) 978-8106