Patton’s Meat Market was a recommendation I saw posted by the author of Marina’s Recipe Box. I was looking for something appropriate for Christmas, as I would be cooking for myself. I looked up the location (Peachtree Industrial at North Berkeley Lake) and tried to get there a couple times from work. That was never successful, as traffic along 285 was far too slow for me to get there on time. I finally managed to get there around lunch time.

Patton’s Meat Market does indeed offer prime grade meats, as well as choice cuts. I bought a prime New York strip and a choice ribeye for the holidays. Patton’s offers a lot more than just beef, however. It sells a very nice but small collection of produce. Good looking tomatoes, potatoes, and mushrooms dot the store. There are sauces for meats. There are home made sausages, such as Italian sausages and jalapeño and cheese sausages. Patton’s is neat and clean, and smells no different than any higher end grocery store I’ve been in.

When I was there, it was full of shoppers. There were so many people behind the counter, though, I never felt as if I had to wait at all.

Prime strip, waiting for a garlic rubdown.

I recently cooked the strip. It was an excellent cut of meat, very tender.

To get there from Snellville, I’d take Pleasant Hill from I-85 until you reach the Hill Drive intersection. This is the 4 way just after Super H Mart, and just before Wall Mart. Turn left here. This road becomes North Berkeley and the traffic is much lighter along this route. Patton’s itself is behind a gas station, so if you see the gas station on the northwest corner of Peachtree Industrial and North Berkeley, then just head a little past the gas station ands enter the mall area.

I recommend this as a convenient place to buy the highest grade of meats. Marina has mentioned that you can get other delicacies here if you ask, such as bison steaks or goose liver. So ask. You don’t know what they may be able to provide you with.

Patton’s Meat Market
3931 Peachtree Ind Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 495-0077