Fused is a bit of a hybrid, combining elements of a sports bar with a better than average eatery. The pretty brick walls are lined with blackboards that have a list of their beers. While there aren’t many taps, the glass fronted refrigerators behind the bar show a collection of beers that’s pretty extensive and inviting. There are pizzas and burgers on the menus, but there is also hummus, crab cakes, and other small hints that the establishment is at least as serious about the food they serve as they are about entertainment. As a consequence, there are men who show in dress pants who look at the beer selection at least as much as the flat screens that dot the eatery.

I came for lunch on a weekday, wanting something different. I asked for a mango salsa (out of season, I was told) and ended up with the “red pepper” hummus, which transformed itself into a jalapeno hummus due to the vagaries of the seasons. Fused probably needs a seasonal menu. I enjoyed this selection, and ended up choosing their chicken enchiladas as my lunch entree.

The verde sauce was a little thin, but otherwise I had no problem with the enchiladas they served. The rest of the menu continues in that vein: items that are easy to eat, not challenging really. But it’s not the same old sports bar fare, with cooks hard challenged to produce good dry chicken wings and grilled cheese sandwiches. The fare is a step above, enough so a dressier crowd tends to show. I’m sure the beer selection is part of it, and the rather interesting daily specials on boards outside. It just doesn’t feel like a sports bar, despite the screens. It’s something smaller, homier, more intimate, and with considerably more taste.

Verdict: Faux sports bar atmosphere with considerably better food than most. Highly recommended, especially for the beer selection.

Fused Craft Bar and Restaurant
957 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 518-6011

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