Uncle Vito’s is a small Atlanta based chain, with a location in Snellville. This eatery has been reviewed on the blog Snellville Eats, but as we had finished shopping at the nearby Best Buy, we needed something to eat and I always carry a camera these days.  We had not eaten at this place, but after a lot of back and forth, we ordered breadsticks, a 12″ Neapolitan, the “Uncle Vito’s Favorite”, and my wife ordered a Sicilian slice of pepperoni, black olive and mushroom.

One word of warning before we begin. Uncle Vito’s Neapolitan is an ultra thin (2 mm) crust, and I agree largely with Alan Richman of GQ about these kinds of crusts. For the most part, they just suck. The problem is the combination of a thin crust and a heavy dose of wet ingredients tend to create a “wet spot in the middle” issue with these kinds of pies. It can be corrected, if you’re willing to reheat at home. Jimmy, of Eat It Atlanta, suggests a cookie sheet heated to 400 degrees, and reheating for about three minutes per slice.

bread sticks, pizza crust style.

Bread sticks at Uncle Vitos are made out of a pizza crust, and it was this crust – crisp and also chewy – that led me to conclude that Uncle Vito’s does know something about making crusts. The bottom of their sticks are a deep brown, and the sticks chewy, cheesy and delicious all at the same time.

My wife’s Sicilian slice was crisp, chewy and delicious. If you’re to eat in the store, that’s the thickness I do recommend. Much like Fini’s Pizzeria, when you get to thicker crusts these pizza houses become more reliable.

The Neapolitan was tasty but the pizza was wet from the moment it was delivered, dripping juices everywhere. Maybe half the slices could be folded into a ‘v’ and eaten as is. The other half required a knife and fork to cut off the gummy middle. As mentioned previously, this kind of crust can be salvaged at home, but I can’t recommend it as something to eat on site.

Service was quite good in our experience. I liked our waitress, my daughter loved her hair style.

Verdict: Good Sicilian pizza. Neapolitan pizza would improve on reheating. Good service in our experience. Recommended in general.

Uncle Vito’s New York Style Pizza
1630 Scenic Highway
Snellville, Ga, 30078
(770) 978-8486

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