Royal Tofu House is an eatery inside the Assi supermarket on Pleasant Hill road, and one that so far has escaped critical eye. I’d been curious about this one for a while, as it seemed interesting enough and had a menu I knew little about.  I was coming home from a doctor’s appointment and decided to try it. And in all honestly I didn’t regret it.

The core item is a soup or stew, sometimes with tofu as the main ingredient and others using beef bones as a base. The pots the soups come in are thick, heavy and hot. I was given a bowl that was boiling when it arrived. The shop itself is a mom and pop affair, and the man up front will deliver your meal if the food court is quiet enough.

Spicy tofu clay pot, still boiling when delivered.

I ordered the seafood version of the spicy tofu clay pot. It was a tasty soup, which came with banchan (kimchi, spicy pickled daikon, and sprouts), some rice, chopsticks and a spoon. The tofu was plentiful, and there were bits of octopus, a mussel, a couple shrimps with heads on. It’s little details, like keeping the heads on the shrimp (locks in flavor) that make these eateries worth paying attention to. A chain would have cut the heads off, and left the soups just a little less flavorful. A chain might have substituted something cheaper for the banchan, and served a plastic spoon with the rice.

Verdict: Good inexpensive soups. Exceptional service, for a small food court eatery. Recommended.

Royal Tofu House
1630 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 638-1277

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