Pizza Orgasmica was something of a compromise on a day when we couldn’t figure out what to eat. We knew my mother-in-law wanted pizza, though, and so we ended up at this Richmond eatery. The name, of course, creates a theme that they use repeatedly, even down to Pizza Orgasmica’s version of the Adam and Eve story.

It’s cute inside. The walls are covered in art, the tables are often painted pretty and bright colors. Some of the art is suggestive, as you might expect with a name like Pizza Orgasmica. It was casual, but it was also fairly loud. This isn’t a place where you can whisper a conversation.

We ordered three thin crust pizzas when we were there, a pizza called the latin lover, one called the hot mama, and my wife asked for a pepperoni, black olive and mushroom pizza. It didn’t take long, and pizzas soon arrived.

Latin lover pizza.

Hot mama pizza. More sweet than spicy.

These pizzas have a crust thicker than napolitano style ( 5-7 mm versus 1-2 mm for a napolitano), and it’s heavy enough and crisp enough you can hold a slice easily. In all honesty I wish the Atlanta “NY style” eateries would give up their fascination with razor thin neapolitan crusts and make them more this thickness. You don’t have the “watery crust in the middle” syndrome that strikes even the best neapolitan slices.

In terms of taste of pizza, the latin lover was good and my wife said it reminded her of nachos. The pepperoni was quite good. The hot mama was a good pizza, but a bit too much like a hawaiian (dessert) pizza for my tastes. I thought it would be spicier but the sweet of the pineapple tended to dominate the flavor of the hot mama.

Also, to note, Pizza Orgasmica has what they call a beer tower, which really is a long tube (think graduated cylinder on steroids) with a tap at the bottom. It holds 2.5 liters of beer, and so is a clever way to get beer for a crowd.

Service was good until the end. Our waitress went off shift after she served our pizzas and everything went downhill from there.  There just wasn’t any pass off to her replacement. It took 15 minutes and repeated attempts to get waitstaff attention to actually get a bill.

Verdict: Clever premise, good pizzas. Staff needs to learn to cooperate better. Recommended in general, highly recommended for the food.

Pizza Orgasmica
823 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 386-6000

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