New Sun Hong Kong is located at a series of crossroads. It’s formally classed as being in the North Beach district, but it’s a block at most from Chinatown. It’s a block or two from a number of  Italian eateries in the town, and just across the street from the series of strip clubs whose neon lights have provided background images for police movies over the past forty years. A block or so away is the City Lights bookstore, mecca for beat writers and poets, and where I’ve prowled on many of my San Francisco trips.

We arrived late to San Francisco and my brother-in-law was suggesting this place as an excellent late night eatery. As he was driving we didn’t have a lot of choice. Given the size of our party we were rapidly seated at a table, one with a rotating carousel, which eases the task of sharing food immensely.

Wonton soup on a carousel

We ordered a number of dishes, but I don’t have pictures of all of them. Some of them were:

Pea sprouts

Pea sprouts.

Fried tofu.

Fried tofu.

Baked clams with black bean sauce.

The pea sprouts were something I’d not encountered (or perhaps I had, but had no name for them), and they were delicious. The best dish we had that night were the baked clams, which ended up opposite me on the carousel and which half disappeared by the time they rotated my way. I think most everyone liked what they ate here, but the hour we ate (perhaps midnight local time, around 3am ET), left some of us who traveled with issues. However, my brother-in-law was right, this is quite a nice eatery if you need to eat late at night, and the service was about as good as any I’ve had in a Chinese restaurant.

Verdict: Great place if you have late night munchies. Excellent service in our visit. Highly recommended.

New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant
606 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 956-3338

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Notes: The blogger Food Hoe has done a series of articles on New Sun, the last of which is a really good read.