Myung Ga Won is just west of the intersection of Pleasant Hill and I-85, open 24 hours, and has been visited by two of the most active bloggers in Atlanta, Jennifer Zyman and Chloe Morris. The location is a bit hard to describe. From Pleasant Hill, it’s behind the McDonalds, though not really accessible by entering the McDonalds parking lot. It’s roughly across the road from the nearby Cafe Mozart, a description that would only make sense if you’re in the Cafe Mozart lot. That said, it’s easiest for me to do just that, enter the parking lot of Gwinnett Mall Corners and then cross the road (Day Drive) to Myung Ga Won.

One other item of note, it’s cash only. If you come, pick up a couple 20s on the way.

That said, it’s two stores high, and kind of light, fashionable and modern in decor. It’s not as heavy and formal, as say, Mirak Korean. Panels made of laminated wood are everywhere, forming tables, seating and walls. And because of the wild hours, once you sit, there is a button to call the waitress.

The menu is classically Korean, and as I didn’t want to buy bulgolgi once again, I tried a dish whose English name is “spicy pork stir fry” and in Korean goes by jae yook bokum.

banchan, or side dishes.

jae yook bokum, or spicy pork stir fry.

jae yook bokum, or spicy pork stir fry.

It’s tasty. The banchan were also good, and the utensils here are all of steel. You get a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. The chopsticks are for eating, and the spoon, if I recall correctly, is for the rice.

The time I went, the receptionist appeared to be the only “native” English speaker, a girl who looked to be of mixed parentage. I asked about that, as my daughter is 1/4 Japanese and has issues because of it. (Asians think she’s American. Americans think she’s Asian. Hispanics get mad at her because she has dark features and she doesn’t reply to them in Spanish.) That said, despite the very Korean clientele, it’s not much different from any late night spot. A guy in a Dallas Cowboys jersey sat talking to a man in Puma gear. Three women, well dressed and in fashionable coats, sat chatting and sipping warm drinks. People flowed up and down the stairs, usually friendly and open.

I like it. It’s a heavier late night alternative to something like, oh, IHOP.

Myung Ga Won
1960 Day Drive
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 622-1300

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