F2O is a chain, with seven locations in two states, and it’s one with quite a decent reputation. The one I’ll be describing is on Roswell Road near Hilderbrand Drive. It’s a nice looking place on the outside and a nice looking restaurant on the inside.

Despite the looks, the layout of this restaurant leaves certain things to be desired. Service? You stand in line and order. Once finished, they give you an oversized flag to take to your table. Seating? It’s cramped, seats so close if there were two of me side by side (very possible in this restaurant), my elbows would clash. Privacy? Forget it. The seating has been deliberately arranged so that people must look at other diners in very many circumstances. This place would be a seating and privacy nightmare if full.

The crowd was largely female when I showed. There were a few men, mostly in starched collars and business shirts. Women were largely attractively dressed. No Blackberries, no PDAs, no patrons with heads buried behind a laptop screen. Phones, yes, but no sign this restaurant had anything of an IT crowd.

While standing in line, you can pull out a placemat sized menu and you can also read one of the many signs announcing specials. Their blackened tilapia looked attractive but I ended up settling on their chicken tortilla soup and their grilled salmon.

Both were exceptionally good. The chicken had grill marks and the chunks were pretty big. The soup tasted fresh and the half bowl serving just the amount I wanted. The salmon serving (3/4 size) had a salad with baby greens and an excellent side, the wheat berry rice. The rice was peppered with the brown grains of wheat, and bits of stuff that was rounder. Perhaps the spheres were broken wheat, or maybe couscous. The salmon itself had a sweetish sauce and was topped with corn and nuts. The salad had fresh tender greens and perhaps too much dressing. The greens didn’t need that much flavor, they were good enough to stand on their own.

It’s nice to say that the best part of this meal was the meal itself.

Verdict: Trendy, attractive and fast, this place gets you in and out with some flair. Highly recommended for the food.

6125 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 567-8646

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