Donut King is a Mom and Pop donut shop near the corner of 78 and Scenic Highway (124), just north of 78, with enough of a following to drift into Snellville’s top 10 at times. It has early bird hours, opening at 5:30 am and closing at 1 pm. This is why we hadn’t visited until recently, as my wife is an afternoon donut buyer, eating them the next day for breakfast.

The look outside is spartan.


The look inside is spartan as well, with a couple tables, some stand up refrigerators with drinks, a display cabinet for the donuts, and the Donut King and Queen. This day, the Queen seemed more in charge than his Highness, who was largely in the back cooking food. I ordered two cream filled donuts, two lemon and two strawberry filled donuts.


They also had pigs in a blanket, or PIBs.


The PIBs were bits of sausage in a very soft bread, and they didn’t last. The cream filled turned out to have a white cream, as opposed to a yellow “custard” filling. So the offerings are pretty spartan as well. But it’s open before the sun comes up, and the crowds lined up to get a couple donuts with coffee, or perhaps orange juice, don’t seem to be going away.

Verdict: Mom n’ Pop donut shop. Decent product. Recommended.

Donut King
2250 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078-6152
(770) 978-8069

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