My family recently tried to go to Shoya Izakaya but it was too crowded for our tastes. So my family ended up at Sushi Nami. It was the first time my whole family had been there. Reaction to the restaurant was mixed. My wife was not fond of their yakisoba, but other dishes went over well. One I liked, though it was a little chewy, was this grilled squid. Other dishes of note were the agedashi tofu and what my daughter calls “baby octopus”.






The dish my mother-in-law wanted most though, was chawanmushi:


I’ve had at least two interesting replies in the past couple days, which would be easy to miss if all you read is my front page. The first to mention is Coko’s reply to the post about the first izakaya in Atlanta. Coko also remembers the izakaya behind Lenox and suggests Mr Hashiguchi used to own it. Zack Davission also replied to our mention of his blog. I’m thankful, because I find his posts quite interesting.

Sean P, of Take Thou Food, has started a cooking series using Antony Bourdain’s “Les Halles” cookbook. I’m really curious how his explorations will turn out, as well. And finally, kudos to Chloe Morris, as John Kessler has mentioned her finds in the Assi Food Court.