Los Rancheros Mexican Restaurant has a formal address that places it on Dunwoody Club Drive, but that’s a little misleading. The shopping mall Los Rancheros is found in is ‘L’ shaped, and Los Rancheros is on the side of the ‘L’ facing Jett Ferry Road. So, if you find the Kroger and wonder where the restaurant is, when facing the Kroger on Dunwoody Club the restaurant is found in the extreme left of the mall and is probably out of view.


Hand painted murals grace the walls inside.

Once there, the restaurant has pretty colors and some nice murals inside. The menu has some Atlanta Tex-Mex but only half of the menu is caught up in combinations and Speedy Gonzales and the like. The rest is original, interesting food. As I’ve been interested in fajitas, I asked my waiter about how they were brought to the table, but they don’t do anything “special” during lunch.  I realized I’d just be disappointed if I ordered lunch fajitas, so I ordered the fajita nachos instead.

This restaurant rapidly comes to your table with a red salsa and dry, warm chips. The service was casual at the time I showed, which was perhaps 2pm or so that day. If you needed service, you had it, but no one was waiting constantly on the small number of customers inside. Not long after the chips showed the nachos arrived, and it was a nice sized plate of food.


Fajita nachos at Los Rancheros.

The chips were covered in white cheese and marinated beef. The beef was tasty and a little chewy. Onions were caramelized and the peppers were also completely cooked. The dish was good tasting and filling. Afterwards I asked about the beef used, and I was told it was flank steak. It was a good dish, a nice finish to a casual meal. I’d be curious to try their fajitas at dinner. I wonder what kind of show they could bring when they had incentive to do so.

Verdict: Interesting food. Neighborhood “one off”. Good lunches, would be curious about their dinners. Highly recommended.

Los Rancheros Mexican Restaurant
2090 Dunwoody Club Dr
Atlanta, GA 30350
(770) 393-9347

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