Update: for some reason Urban Spoon has decided this is a review of Sakegura. This article is no such thing. The review of Sakegura is here.

In the same strip mall as Sakegura, there is a Panera Bread being set up. It’s not quite ready for business, but puts a food franchise for sandwiches and bread closer to my house than the neighborhood Atlanta Bread Company. I remember the first Saint Louis Bread Company I saw (the precurser to Panera). It started up about a block from where I lived and on the walk to work. In those days it was just muffins, sweetbreads and quality breads. Seating included good newspapers. The place was always crowded, but warm baguettes for breakfast or an early dinner were a real treat.

The Eat Great for $8.00 promotion is still going on at Ted’s Montana Grill. Here is a picture of one of their mini burgers. You can get two of these as one of the $8.00 options. They also offer a bit of salmon for $8.00 as well, perhaps the best buy of the $8.00 meals.


Last, Frontera. I’ve never considered Frontera Mex-Mex a fajita joint, but more a place to get a good crazy taco or burrito al carbon, but as I’m looking closer at fajitas, I thought I should try at least once. This is what we got recently at the Snellville Frontera.



Nice plating, the onions a little underdone on the beef and more underdone on the chicken. The onions were transparent but not really caramelized. The meat was hot but not sizzling. Good amounts of rice and beans but really inadequate amounts of pico de gallo on first delivery. We asked for more and got a nicely sized plate of pico de gallo.  Fajitas were delivered with a lot of other plates of food and that prevented optimal technique; ideal on those hot plates would be to spritz the meat with a little lime juice to enhance the steam and sizzle. But you can’t do that if the person delivering the food has plates all over their arms.

The meat? Marinated and tender. What kind? Looks like a nice cut of steak. It was well-done meat, which is how it’s supposed to be, and could have been cooked a little longer. It was better when it was blackened a bit. The food was pretty cool by the time we were finishing so we took food home that day.

Fajita rating? Perhaps a “B”.