Arirang Korean Food and Sushi & Hibachi are two of the restaurants found in the Assi food court on Pleasant Hill, just east of I-85. As you face Assi Supermercado, the food court is to the left. Two of the restaurants in this location (China House and Fusion YoriJori Burger) have been reviewed on the blog Chow Down Atlanta, and this article will talk about two others. It’s not that we didn’t want to try the restaurants that have already been reviewed. But there is enough interesting food in this food court to keep reviewers busy for a long while.


The front of Arirang Korean Food.

In part, my family was in shock when we arrived at the food court. There are three Korean restaurants, all with unique menus. There are two Mexican restaurants. There is a Thai restaurant, a pho place, a Chinese noodle shop that makes its own noodles, and in the corner, there is Sushi & Hibachi, oriented towards Japanese foods. After talking with my mother-in-law, she was in no mood to be experimental, so she tried the beef teriyaki box from Sushi & Hibachi. My daughter and I decided that bibimbaps looked good, and Arirang Korean Food had two good looking bibimbaps. My daughter got the regular size and I ordered the larger size, with the hot stone bowl.


Regular bibimbap (#6)


Hot stone bibimbap (#5)

The regular bibimbap came first, then the “bento” box. My order came last. Along with the food were a bowl of miso soup, spicy pickles, a serving of hot sauce. On my daughter’s dish the rice was in a separate bowl, whereas the rice was inside my stone. As my daughter began to pick at her food, my mother-in-law told her, “Supposed to mix.”

So mix we did. It’s a little juicier when mixed, the mixing adds some needed water to the vegetables and the egg. There are bits of seaweed, some tiny bits of meat, a lot of veegtables and of course rice in the bowl. The stone bowl merrily sizzled as I ate. My daughter had to spoon rice into her bowl to mix. As we ate, my mother-in-law finished the salad and tempura in her box and started feeding the two of us the beef teriyaki she had.

After downing a couple of the chunks, my daughter observed, “It’s better than I thought it would be. Pretty good, actually.” I found it to be nicely flavored and tender meat. I had (my mother-in-law insisted) a couple of the sushi as well.The sushi was decent, but hardly fancy.

In retrospect, I’d put Sushi & Hibachi in the same class as Totori Fresh Grill and Sushi, a place that emulates the hibachi houses but tries to provide a much less expensive product. As for Arirang, as I have no basis for comparison with anything else, I’ll just say it was inexpensive, good, and the quality of presentation of the food was pretty phenomenal for a food court shop.

Arirang Korean Food
Inside Assi Food Court
1630 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 638-3505

Sushi & Hibachi
Inside Assi Food Court
1630 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 638-1069

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