This is a photo of my first red boonie pepper:


Though inside and losing their lowest leaves, the boonie peppers are still flowering and the peppers still growing and ripening.

I dropped by the Royal Oak Pub and they have told me the Dunwoody Group will be opening a new restaurant in Cumming within the next two weeks.

And my father writes, and claims that the first grill he had was not a 55 gallon drum. Instead, he says

My first “Texas Hibachi”  wasn’t a 55 gallon drum.  It was (is, since I still have it) made from an old fashioned cast iron wash pot.  The top is one scrap disk from a disk plow with a pipe welded to it for a smoke stack.  A thin oil drum would have rusted or burned out years ago.

Now my memory and his disagree. I recall a 55 gallon drum grill he used early on, and that it burned out. By the time we’re in Louisiana, my father does have the grill described above. But memories are tricky things, especially those of young children. That might have been a neighbor’s grill I remember from my early days, not my father’s.