I found Tara Humata Mexican Grill while looking for other restaurants. I had missed a turn, was tired and saw this restaurant in a strip mall just off Windward Parkway (exit 11 off 400). It looked good, I was hungry, so I checked it out. It’s very pretty on the outside.


Inside, it’s quite attractive as well. The ceiling is very high and is actually acoustically tiled, to reduce noise. There are flat screen television sets in corners, tuned to sports when I showed up. The walls are a bright yellow and the bar is stacked with pretty glasses and plenty of tequila.

The menu is broader and more flexible than the typical Mexican cantina. There are no dishes that are recognizably Atlanta Tex Mex. Instead, a lot of staple items, such as tacos, enchiladas, burritos are offered, all similar to items you’ve seen before, but not the same. As befits a place aiming for an upscale audience, they use some ingredients not as common in the classic Tejano joint, such as lobster. You can get lobster tacos and enchiladas here. And oh yes, they serve a nice red salsa and crisp, dry chips.


They have tapas dishes as one option here, and so I ordered their steak taco tapas. I also ordered their lobster tacos. The steak tacos were good tasting, small bites that wouldn’t fill you up. The lobster tacos had a sauce (Thousand Island? tasted like it) that overwhelmed the taste of the meat, so I started scraping off the slaw and sauce and eating the rest of the taco plain. In my opinion, the lobster was much better that way.



I like this restaurant and bar. I’m hardly a drinker but there is always a place for a pretty spot to have lunch. For those of us in the daily grind on “IT highway”, this is an option that doesn’t cost too much and still offers food choices not found in the stock Atlanta cantina.

Verdict: pretty, upscale Mexican eatery. Recommended.

Tara Humata Mexican Grill
6195 Windward Parkway #100
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(770) 772-4540

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