I first starting coming to Santoor Indian Cuisine when it was a respite on my commute home. I had discovered how to get from exit 8 off 400 to Holcombe Bridge Road using back roads and Santoor was along the way. It was a good place to relax and eat and then continue the commute, on days when freeways were more parking lot than functional roads.


These days Santoor isn’t along the path home and I don’t go nearly as often. But I visited, to see what kinds of food they have, and whether they were as good as I remembered. I ordered papadam, a spiced cracker, and lamb masala. It took a bit to get my waiter to spice it up. I finally had to tell him I’d had the house vindaloo before and liked it.



It’s a quieter place, with a female owner and thankfully, a tendency to keep spicing to reasonable levels. Santoor’s lamb masala was a good tasting plate of food with a spice (as in pepperish heat) level higher than that of some place’s vindaloos. That there was room for more heat in the menu was gratifying. The papadam was crunchy and a worthwhile side. The naan wasn’t as perfectly crisp and dry as I’ve had in other places, but it was still good. Not many places offer the range of meat dishes at varied spice levels this one does, and I’m crossing my fingers Santoor survives these hard times.

Verdict: A place I’ve favored for years. Everything from mild foods to blazing hot available here. Highly recommended.

Santoor Indian Cuisine
3050 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(770) 650-8802

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