Teela Taqueria is buried off a side street in Sandy Springs, in a mall mixed in with supermarkets and a post office. It has a well placed sign, so if you can get into the general area of this restaurant, it turns out to be easy to find. Take Hilderbrand west from Roswell Road, and then head south on the first available street, Bluestone Road. When the street ends, the mall begins, and as you go deeper into the mall, Teela Taqueria will be on your right.


It has a modern breezy look inside, the kind of place that Jimmy of Eat It Atlanta would dub a “designer taco” joint. The tables are painted bright colors, and utensils and napkins are housed in paint cans that sit on your table. The roof, if I recall, is industrial and the bar takes up a lot of the available space.


I ordered three tacos that day, a fajita taco, a carnitas taco and a fish taco. All three were good, the fajita flavors – beef, onion, peppers – coming through just fine on the fajita taco and the fish taco having a mild fish flavor and a very satisfying crunch. The fajita taco had a condiment on it that looked like Thousand Island dressing and tasted more like a chipotle mayonnaise. In all honesty the fajita taco would have been better without it. I felt the same for the mayonnaise on the fish taco as well. The basic ingredients were good, why fool with such a good thing?



That said, it would have been easy enough to order tacos without the mayo and it was good enough my waitress talked me into a dessert. Teela has a good flan, and that was a nice end to a very pleasant lunch.

Verdict: Fine “boutique” style taco emporium. Highly Recommended.

Teela Taqueria
227 Sandy Springs Place NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 459-0477

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