Sports are not without prejudice; but they’re the closest thing this society has to a true meritocracy…

Michael Wilbon, The Washington Post, online edition, October 16, 2009.

I think there is some truth in this statement. My father, ex-military officer, would argue it’s the armed forces that have been the most integrated part of society, but to each his own. Food brings people together as well, which is why I’m blogging about food instead of politics.

To which I’ll add a warning: There have been people who have tried to post nasty political statements on this blog. Those kinds of statements will be deleted. I don’t care which side of the aisles you sit, we’re not turning this blog into a political free for all. Three politically attuned blogs I read and enjoy, of differing tone and timbre, are Northern Mississippi Commenter, LD Jackson’s  blog, and Georgia’s own Savannah Red. Those are places to discuss politics.