I’m following my wife, daughter, and mother-in-law through Super H Mart, so that my mother-in-law can get the things she needs to make sushi. I’ve brought my camera along, so that I can record anything interesting. My mother-in-law, at 85, insists on pushing the grocery cart. The most polite to her as she pushes are Asian (largely Korean) men, ages 25 and up. Children take her for granted and women are mostly aggressive to one another in the store.

There are always things to see in Super H; it’s a bewildering flood of images and products. Some things make sense, and simultaneously seem out of place, such as instant pho.


I thought the point of pho was to be fresh. Then there is freeze-dried honey.


Freeze dried honey? But Super H is always full of eye candy, such as these octopus tentacles.


Or these Korean noodles, which are so good, they say, that slurping is allowed.


Finally, dragon fruit, which, as it turns out, are native to Central America actually and are the fruit of a cactus. Just, in the Americas, the natives prefer the sour fruit, but in Asia, they like the sweet ones. This is akin to the difference between what mangos they eat on Guam and in the States. On Guam, mangos are consumed while they are green. They slice the mango, and eat it with salt and some hot pepper. I’ve seen my wife stop busses just to rush a merchant with a cart full of green mangos a mile from our destination, and happily walk the rest of the way with a bag full of green mangos.


Dragon fruit, or pitaya

Mangos. See any green ones?

Mangos. See any green ones?

Super H Mart
2550 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096-4122
(678) 543-4000