The first time I noticed Bruster’s Ice Cream was when they replaced Holt Brother’s Barbecue on Jimmy Carter. Since that time they’ve expanded and put locations in many parts of the Atlanta metropolitan area.  The one in Snellville is just to the south of the Highway 78-Scenic Highway intersection, on the portion of Scenic Highway headed towards Stonecrest/Lithonia.

I think the first time I tried Bruster’s Ice Cream was in Snellville, in a moment when I was thinking nothing could be as good as the super premiums I used to get in Houston TX (As John Scar notes in this thread, Neal’s Ice Cream we miss you). Well, to say that Bruster’s surprised me was an understatement.


Brusters offers an excellent premium ice cream, with a lot of flavor and a lot of fat. I’m not going to name many specific flavors, though this night I believe I had a raspberry white chocolate. They serve cups, cones, and a good frozen yogurt. And they attract crowds – perhaps two dozen on the summer night we visited, some in front and others in the back, as the Snellville location has a gazebo in the back.


To my taste buds this is some of the best chain ice cream in Atlanta, no questions asked. My only mistake was in not trying Brusters sooner.

Verdict: Excellent premium ice cream. High in fat and flavor. Highly recommended.

Bruster’s Ice Cream
2324 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 985-6660

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