Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain, heavily advertised on radio, and there is one of these just off exit 8 on Highway 400, on the east side of the exit. Normally this isn’t even a place I’d visit, as places that advertise wings as what they do best tend to have, in my experience, pretty small and unimpressive wings. Among the best wings I’ve seen so far are those at Summit’s Tavern, so score some points for a modest 150 tap bar in Snellville.


However, I’ve been going to this Buffalo Wild Wings because a group of football crazy colleagues decided this was the place to cheer and yell, and so this is where we go. And for that purpose, BWW has proved to be a really good place to go so far. Service is good, even when the place is full of fans, and the staff does try to get back with you, top off sodas, ask if you want anything else, ask if you want food, etc. Seating is nice, the screens are large and there are enough different screens that on a Sunday, you can easily follow 3-4 games at a time.

I’ve had wings, nachos, and a Jamaican jerk sandwich here. The sandwich was not good. The wings were, as I suspected, of an ordinary size and the celery almost not there. But the wings were tasty, and the mango habanero sauce a pleasant accompaniment to the chicken. The mango habanero has barely any heat as well, though it’s advertised as Buffalo Wild Wing’s third hottest sauce. It does build to a noticeable heat after eating several wings.

One thing Buffalo Wild Wings does well in the wings department is supply a generous variety of wing sauces. I count, off the web site, maybe 14 sauces. So, if you like trying different wing sauces, this place can keep you occupied for a while.


The nachos were the best, most impressive dish I’ve had there so far. Decent amounts of cheese and grilled chicken are provided, the dish is large, and it goes a long way towards keeping you filled. It’s big enough to share.


In short, Buffalo Wild Wings is not a place I’d have personally selected, but when dealing with a large group of football crazed fanatics, this place has the size, the televisions, the staff and character to give the fans a great time. And if you’re alone and just have that itch to be surrounded by 20 televisions and some decent taps and a dozen or more wing sauces, Buffalo Wild Wings can do that too.

Verdict: Food is just ok overall, but a good solid place to watch football over bar food with a bunch of friends. Recommended in that context.

Buffalo Wild Wings
2375 Mansell Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(678) 352-4599

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