Slopes BBQ was something of an institution when I worked on the Alpharetta sides of highway 400. The groups I was with would pile into cars and drive to the Slopes in Alpharetta pretty much once a week. The lines at Slopes were long, and the line out the door could have doubled back on itself and yet the whole crew would be eating quickly, usually within a few minutes. This really is one of Slopes signature virtues: they will get you seated and quickly.


It works like this. You get in line and give your order to the cashier. They take it down with your name, and you get a drink find a place to sit. Soon after, waitstaff come out, call your name and you wave them down and they deliver your order. The formula works well and it feeds dozens at lunch.

I came to the Slopes in Sandy Springs recently, because I saw the sign when checking out Flavor Cafe Bakery. I couldn’t eat then, but the next day I dropped by during lunchtime. The Sandy Springs location doesn’t have the huge crowds I’ve seen in Alpharetta, but it has the same layout, the same routine. I ordered a Slope’s Special and my partner ordered a rib special.



The Special, a pulled pork sandwich with a side and fries, really is the engine for this franchise. I’ve eaten a number of the other plates, but come back to the original special over time. There is a vinegar based sauce at the table, and you can pick up a bottle of their “hot” as you get seated, if you wish. The pulled pork in the sandwich is tender, and comes with a bit of the regular sauce. The ribs are tender, but lack the rich smoke flavor you might find at Fox’s or even Spiced Right. The sides, for the most part, are good.

This restaurant is a better lunch venue than anything else. But as a lunch venue, it is cheap, fast, reliable, and serves a good sandwich.

Verdict: Great place to get a fast, filling lunch. Highly recommended in that context.

Slopes BBQ of Sandy Springs
200 Johnson Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 252-3220

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