Agave is a restaurant in the Cabbagetown district of Atlanta, near the Oakland Cemetary, with a solid fan base and a fistful of “best of Atlanta” awards. We went there recently, on a weekend, as people in online forums tend to just really like their experiences there. This being the rainy season, the moment we got onto Interstate 20 we were caught in a huge downpour. That said, it’s not that hard to get to Agave.  Just find the exit on I-20 that leads to Memorial Drive and exit north. Agave will soon be on your right.


Once inside, there is a bar with a downstairs and upstairs. To the right is a dining area. It’s roomy enough, though it somehow felt cramped to me, and it was amazingly loud. This is the loudest restaurant I’ve been in since Bonefish Grill, and so uncomfortably loud my wife and daughter left at the first available moment.

The food, however, is quite good.  They serve an excellent salsa and bowl of chips as a starter. We had the Agave salad, a decent plate of greens. We also had their leg of lamb, the stuffed mountain trout tomatillo, and their santa fe blue corn chicken enchiladas.




My daughter was the one who ordered the leg of lamb and she liked it a great deal, nibbling on the bones after she was done with the meat. I had a small piece of the lamb. The lamb was crusted in spice and had excellent flavor. My wife stole most of my daughter’s asparagus. She liked it a great deal.


The trout wasn’t bad at all, a huge plate of fish stuffed with seafood and with some reasonable spicing.


My wife was indifferent to her enchiladas, and said she should have ordered the cayenne fried chicken instead. What I could try of the enchiladas tasted fine to me.

In all we liked the experience and we’d probably go again. This is more a party restaurant than many we go to. The bar atmosphere extends into the dining area. My wife ran into a coworker while we ate, so she was able to touch base, and chat.

Service was very good. The parking is complimentary valet and recommended.

Verdict: Good Southwestern food in a festive party atmosphere. Can be loud. Highly recommended.

242 Boulevard SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 588-0006

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