It’s a small mom n’ pop taqueria one step away from the corner of Highpoint Road and Scenic Highway. It’s near where I live and heading down to places like Stonecrest Mall I pass it routinely. I decided to step in recently, to see what the food was about, on a day when I had about 10 dollars in my pocket and a need to eat cheaply. It was worth a try.


Inside, there are a few chairs and tables; the menu is all on a board above the half open kitchen area. No prices though, you’ll have to ask for those. It was $1.50 for a taco and $3.50 for a quesadilla. I ordered a lengua and carnitas taco and then ordered an asada quesadilla. They came relatively quickly.



Everything was good, though the quesadilla tortilla wasn’t as wonderfully crisp as the one I had at Taqueria 2 de Oros. Still, the whole meal, including drink, was less than 10 dollars and the food was cooked for me, as opposed to being heated in advance with a lamp.

Verdict: Classic small taqueria, with good eats. Recommended, especially for those on a budget.

2585-B Highpoint Road
Snellville, GA 30078
(678) 978-7702

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