Peter’s is a well respected restaurant on Chamblee Dunwoody, close enough to the Shops of Dunwoody to share a connected parking space with them. I had been interested in this restaurant for a while, but when I checked this place out in August, they didn’t have any lunch hours yet. They did, however, have a sign indicating that they were going to have lunch hours in September. So I came back recently, to once again check this place out.


The inside is pretty. Nice wooden tables and booths dot the place. There are plenty of windows and between the windows are photos. Background music is big band jazz and the occasional Dixieland number. At lunch Peter’s has a single page menu, with salads and burgers and sandwiches.  Prices are mostly below 10 dollars, with a couple items around 12 dollars. Staff cooperates in handling their guests, efficiently tag teaming their patrons. As I was examining the menu the owner showed, and was talking to people on the other side of the room. There are some nice touches on the tables, such as the craft paper used to cover all the table tops, and this combined vinegar and oil container.


It wasn’t long before my food arrived. I thought the beer battered sole with Italian slaw was going to be a plated filet of fish, but instead it was a sandwich (served with polenta fries, in this instance).


The fish was mild and had a bit of crunch due to the cooking. The slaw added tart, the remoulade was noticeable but not overwhelming. The bread was good, adding a crunch and resistance when I’d eat. Good fish, good sides, good bread, great balance in the sandwich overall, the best sandwich I’ve had in a very long while.


This was also the first polenta I’ve had in any form, and the light yellow fries with the soft interior made an interesting contrast to the crunch of the Italian bread in the sandwich.

Hopefully this new venture by Peter’s will draw a crowd, because the sandwich was excellent and my general service experience was every blogger’s dream in terms of a actively owned and actively, cooperatively staffed restaurant.

As I left, the owner dropped by for a couple words, apologizing for the sticky front door and the mess of starting up during all the rain. I don’t think, given the circumstances, he has very much to apologize for. If people find out about this place, the value for the money, crowds will come.

Verdict: I can’t speak for dinner yet, but excellent value given the quality of food at lunch. Very Highly Recommended.

5592 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338
(770) 394-9401

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Notes: Peter’s had a excellent web site, but they appear to have not renewed the domain, so currently the site is down.