Sushi Nami Japanese is a restaurant found on Windward Parkway, west of the Windward Parkway – Highway 400 Intersection. Back in the days when I worked nearby, I recall stepping into this place at lunch with coworkers and then stepping out. The looks of the place just intimidated that crew. They didn’t think they could afford to eat there.

As it turns out, if you’re careful, Sushi Nami doesn’t have to be expensive. They have a number of sushi specials, they have donburi, they have noodles of various kinds (soba, udon, ramen). They have tempura and even hibachi style meats, if you can’t handle the raw stuff. All of these options are in the 8-12 dollar range. But they also do have sushi, and there are reasons for wanting to eat here, and try their sushi.

Take their sushi display cases, for example. They are glass faced steel refrigerators canted at an angle, the hinge joint facing the customer. This kind of setup allows exact control of humidity and temperature. With gas taps, they could control oxygen partial pressures as well. As the sushi chefs proudly said, the cases in Sushi Nami are the only ones like this in Atlanta, and are the kinds of cases preferred in New York.

To note, the nigiri here are expensive. Things like “medium fatty tuna”, delicacies in other words, are quite expensive, the rolls less so. The best buy are things like Sushi Nami’s stock sushi combinations.

I ended up ordering their chirashi sushi and a bowl of tonkatsu ramen. I was in here at lunch, after all. And it turns out this combination comes with a salad and miso soup.



The salad wasn’t bad, the miso soup was very good. The next thing to arrive was the chirashi sushi. Chirashi sushi I’ve read is easy to make, the kind of sushi someone should try at home, if they’re inclined to make sushi at all. But with the ease comes a creative component, and this dish does display the artistic flair of Sushi Nami. I liked this dish a great deal.


Finally, tonkatsu ramen. It came out later than the other dishes, and it was a good tasting bowl of ramen.


Staff here are prettily dressed, usually in black, but I found the service a little fussy for my tastes. Not bad, mind you, but they’re a little overly concerned you’ll make what they think is the right choice.

Verdict: Pretty, graceful Japanese and sushi restaurant. The food is very good. It’s easy to spend $10 or $100 here.  Highly recommended.

Sushi Nami Japanese
5316 Windward Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(678) 566-3889

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