I’m just up and a lady named “Aida” on the Food Channel is making a new reduction for steaks. Let’s see.. onions and a bottle of pale ale, a tablespoon or two of mustard (any will do, but she’s using a dijon style with cracked mustard seeds in it) and then she takes the reduction off heat and adds 2 tablespoons of butter. Then she pours any excess drainage off her steaks back into the sauce. It’s hard to go wrong with beer, onions, and butter.

I stopped in the Royal Oak Pub and they are sponsoring a 5k run for charity. More so, the entire Dunwoody Restaurant Group is the sponsor. I snapped a photo of their poster of the event.


This is Royal Oak’s Tostada salad, nice n’ spicy. It’s not quite as big a favorite as their Mediterranean or Hong Kong Steak salads, but it’s a more than decent plate of food. You can’t see the squares of chicken for the tomatoes and lettuce but it’s there, heavy with cheese.


In other unrelated news, the steady and cool rain has led my boonie pepper plants to grow a lot of green appendages, shaped like an upside down ‘U’, that I suspect are nascent flowers. I won’t know until later, though. Some plants have plenty of them.


The weather is getting cold, though, and I’m fighting the onset of frost versus the birth and growth of a pepper crop.

Last but not least, Mellow Mushrooms have some of the most interesting shapes. This one is in Sandy Springs.