Taqueria Los Hermanos is a small Atlanta based chain that began in Tucker, added a location in Lilburn and has expanded into Lawrenceville.  I found them when I used to live a stone’s throw from Tucker, decided it was good and a bargain, and I have eaten there ever since. I have reviewed the Lilburn location and liked it, but that was prior to having a good camera and photographing food routinely. So I went back to the Tucker location, took photos, and will try once again to explain, for so many northeast OTPers, what the fuss is all about.

Daily specials at Taqueria Los Hermanos in Tucker

Daily specials at Taqueria Los Hermanos in Tucker

To misquote James Carville, it’s the tacos, stupid. TLH has some decent burritos and they almost always offer fancier specials, but the tacos are what bring people back. And it has to be understood that the typical Los Hermanos fan lives near the eatery.  Outside of the mom and pop taqueria joints his or her regional options are otherwise chains. So, you can have that generic ground beef taco or you can have one of TLH’s tacos. And to be plain, the pastor wins.

This taqueria not only offers a choice of meats it offers a choice between different flavorings in meats.  I usually buy a carnitas taco (shredded pork in a green tomatillo sauce) and the pastor taco (marinated pork in a red chile-tomatillo sauce). This is what these two tacos look like.


Carnitas taco, with tomatillo sauce

Pastor taco

Pastor taco

Notice the difference in the sauces? Notice the difference in the way the pork is cut up and prepared? The result is flavor and texture differences that are not to be missed. When I first starting coming here, I would get the pastor, the carnitas and the fish taco. Taqueria Los Hermanos has an excellent fish taco. This time I tried the cesina taco, which looks like this.

cesina taco, with marinated steak as the filling.

cesina taco, with marinated steak as the filling.

The cesina and the asada tacos offer potential taste and flavor differences as well. It’s this kind of upgrade over Taco Bell style tacos and the flavor contrasts that bring people here again and again.

Taqueria Los Hermanos has a good salsa and usually has good dry chips. I caught a few bad chips this time I went, which really isn’t like them. I’ll note that my daughter likes their asada burrito, and has had good luck with it.

Now, as time has gone on, other places on the northeast side of Atlanta have begun to catch up with this formula. El Jinete, for example, offers a variety of tacos. Most chains, however, want you to buy three of the same kind of taco. There isn’t any choice allowed. And the mom and pop taquerias offer much the same flavors of tacos at half the price. But the mom n’ pops offers tacos that are half the size too, and not everyone is comfortable in a restaurant where they are the only English speaker.

This leads to the final advantage of the Lilburn and Tucker Taqueria Los Hermanos chains: they’re very well located for someone who is shopping. The Tucker location is right by a Publix. The Lilburn location is at the intersection of two major roads in this part of town.

Verdict: Inexpensive and good a la carte tacos power this chain. Highly Recommended.

Taqueria Los Hermanos
4418 Hugh Howell Rd
Tucker, GA 30084
(678) 937-0660

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