Bo Bo Garden is a restaurant with a great deal of coverage in the blogs and media (Jennifer Zyman twice, with a first article on her blog and an excellent follow up on Creative Loafing. Foodie Buddha has also weighed in here). However, it hasn’t been followed by a mad rush of patrons to talk the place up, etc. I decided to come here on a whim after a checkup. I had been looking for this restaurant for a while, getting lost as usual, and had found it a couple days before. Bo Bo Garden is in the “strip mall that never ends” on the east side of Buford, a little north of and on the opposite side of the road from Quoc Huong and Asian Square. It sits in the corner, so it’s not terribly easy to see. Once you find it, you’ll probably have the “how could I have missed it?” reaction that I did.


It’s a nice looking restaurant for a Buford Highway place, with pretty wooden paneling inside, and a menu that’s all over the walls in Chinese. Some of the items have pictures, which makes them easier to order, and there is a table menu for English speakers as well. As I was the only non-Chinese in the place the day and time I was here, it couldn’t have been much of a problem for the staff to accommodate me.

What I saw, I liked. I liked that I was in an eatery where there were live animals for sale in the back. Live fish, and sea snails were available for those who liked them. I had never seen sea snails kept in a pen for sale, and got up to walk over to see them. I liked that a well dressed 50something couple was taking their equally well dressed 80something parents to this restaurant, and a tanned, tattooed 20something mother of three was taking her mother here as well.

It was quite a family affair.

I had some of their hot and sour soup. It’s not a soup I order often, because it’s easy to make badly. Bo Bo Garden’s version was excellent, with a lot of flavor and a decent dose of pepper.


Their #12 lunch, a vegetarian tofu dish, was just what the doctor ordered.


I liked this place. Seriously true to their Chinese audience, and even their humble lunch dishes had a lot of flavor. I’d be very happy to come back here again.

Verdict: Inexpensive and tasty Chinese foods. Highly Recommended.

Bo Bo Garden
5181 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30340
(678) 547-1881

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