Flames is on Highway 124, about a block south of the Highpoint Road-124 intersection and is in the same strip mall as Tastees. Flames is a classic neighborhood bar, some tables and booths, some televisions, roomier than some bars. It also has a couple pool tables in the back, and as you enter, a bar to the left.

Once I was seated, my waitress asked, “What would you like to drink?” Her English had a light accent, as if she was from the Caribbean. I asked for the beers on tap and selected Heineken as my best option. It came in a pretty glass, costs about $4.50.


The foods? Nothing special, until I saw the jerk chicken. I ordered that. Alabama and West Virginia were on the tube and people were playing Texas Hold ‘Em in one corner of the bar.  Some time later, the jerk chicken arrived.


It was clear, almost from the start, that the chicken was smoked. You could smell it in the meat, taste it on your fingers. The chicken was really good. That little container of red in the photo? That’s hot sauce my friend, and has a bite to it. The ketchup was in bottles on tables, but not on mine. I went over and grabbed one, so I could suck down fries with my chicken.

I was surprised. This neighborhood sports bar does a very mean chicken.

Verdict: Good, dry, smoky jerk chicken is the star here. Recommended.

Flames Sports Bar and Grill
2671 Centerville Highway (Highway 124)
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 736-1007

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