Twisted Taco, Perimeter edition, is found opposite Perimeter Mall on Ashford Dunwoody Road, in the same general area as Alon’s and Eclipse di Luna. It’s not visible from the outside of this roughly doughnut shaped complex of shops and eateries, the entrance faces inward. So my recommendation is to park and walk into the middle and find it from there. It’s adjacent to Eclipse di Luna, viewed from the inside.


Inside, it has a nice appearance, full of tables and booths. There is a bar to the right on entrance. Once you make an order, the staff is fast to the table with chips and salsa.

There is a lot of food at Twisted Taco, more than could be touched on in a half dozen sessions of eating, so we’ll be focusing on the tacos themselves. The typical order is two tacos, plus sides, for $6.95. This is a good price, given that the beans and rice they serve are quite good. You can get the tacos a la carte for $2.50 each.


I had tacos twice here. The first time, I thought, wow, as good as any taqueria in town! Their fish tacos in particular are very good. But the second time I wasn’t quite as thrilled. The Geronimo taco, advertised as a fajita taco, was filled with soft tasty meat, too soft to ever have been flank steak, too soft to ever have been grilled. Tasty, yes, but I have little tolerance for roast beef or any substitute sold as fajitas. Further, there is a tendency to rely a little too heavily on sauces and condiments to carry flavor, rather than letting the meat shine through. Take home? Though these are good tacos, with a lot of flavor, they aren’t the best tacos I’ve had in the city.

Service was, at times, a bit too aggressive for my taste. I went to the bathroom and they took the remainder of my food away on one visit. Otherwise I felt the service was decent.

Verdict: Good, inexpensive tacos, certainly worth it if they’re nearby. Recommended.

4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Suite 32
Atlanta, GA 30346
(770) 399-0991

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