One of the first restaurants I reviewed when I started this blog was Danthai, a popular Thai restaurant just a stone’s throw from Snellville. It probably suffered in that my first reviews weren’t all that good, lacking good photos or context. I’ll try to correct that, as I went to Danthai recently and took photos.


I’ve always been fond of their cucumber salad, light and delicious.


This day they had a special, a spicy basil with shrimp and scallops. It was good, though the scallops were a bit chewy. Spicing was well nigh perfect. This is a restaurant where I don’t have to correct the spicing before I eat.


The seating inside is clean but plain. The chairs are simple and the table cloths are plastic. But it was half full of people when I arrived, and more came as I sat and ate. Someone must know about the place!

851 Oak Road #89
Lawrenceville, GA 30044-7226
(770) 985-1719

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